Articles by Pat David

Fun at SCaLE 2018

On a Libre Graphics track at the Southern California Linux Expo

Libre Graphics Meeting + SCaLE 2018

This year is starting off great with not one, but two libre graphics oriented events (one in Europe and the other in North America - for even better coverage)!

GIMPers at Texas Linux Fest 2016

If you happen to be anywhere near Austin, TX next weekend (July 8-9) then mosey on down to [Texas Linux Fest 2016][txlf] and meet some of your friendly neighborhood GIMP crew!

Revamping Tutorials

As part of building a new GIMP website we had to sort through all of the legacy pages in order to migrate content properly. A nice side effect of this sorting included addressing tutorials that were out of date (or in some cases, really out of date). This gave us ...

Libre Graphics Meeting 2016

Join us April 15-18 at the 11th annual Libre Graphics Meeting being hosted by Westminster School of Media Arts and Design in London, UK! Come and meet developers of free graphics software, participate in a workshop, and collaborate with other visual artists who choose to work in free software.