Google Summer of Code 2011 Projects Announced

We are pleased to announce that we have five projects accepted for Google Summer of Code 2011 program:

  • Adaptive cloning will provide means to paste an object from a different picture in a way that it will seamlessly blend into the new image, matching its brightness and color characteristics. This will be a very useful tool for users who do a lot of photo manipulation.
  • New GimpSizeEntry widget will place unit selection inside the widget. The project will also bring major refactoring to the code.
  • The iWarp filter as a tool project will make it possible to apply various local transformations right on canvas.
  • Porting GIMP plugins to GEGL operations will boost long anticipated transition to GEGL.
  • The OpenCL in GEGL project will bring to GEGL automatic memory management and migration of tiles between GPU and CPU, as well as possibility to write GEGL operations in OpenCL.

We are wishing our students success with their respective projects and we are looking forward to working with them.