Google Summer of Code 2012 Is Over

Four out of five GIMP students successfully finished their work in the Google Summer of Code 2012 program. Unfortunately one of the students wasn’t able to complete all of the work.

The code written by the students has already been merged to main development branches and is expected to be available in the next releases of GIMP and GEGL.

While the first public version of the Unified Transform Tool will only be available in the 2.9.x series, new GEGL operations will be present in the next release of GEGL already.

The students ported the following GIMP filters to GEGL operations: Shift, Wind, Cartoon, Photocopy, Oilify, Softglow, and a variety of noise generators.

The GEGL-based node editor is a standalone project and will eventually be released separately.

It was a great summer. We thank all the students for participating and we would love to see them around in years to follow.